5 Top tricks of the Timeshare Shark

We at the Timeshare Advice Service understand that many of our readers love timeshare and we know that you can’t really have a timeshare without either inheriting or receiving one as a gift, buying one of a friend or acquaintance, buying one from a resale company or buying one from the resort or developer. So, if you have decided to buy one and a timeshare salesman is involved we thought that it might be helpful if we highlighted some of the tricks and tactics that we have uncovered that they use to either ensure that you buy from them, push up the price or indeed sell you a timeshare that is not suitable for your usage!

So if you are thinking about buying a timeshare you might like to take note of a few of the salesman’s tricks! Or maybe you have bought a timeshare and experienced some of the tactics listed? Either way, we hope you find this article of interest.

1. ‘Your New Best Friend’

Recruiting timeshare sales guys they look for genial, friendly and often funny individuals that they hope you can relate to. This is essential because as soon as you meet your allocated salesman they will enter into what they call ‘The Warm Up’. This is the stage that we can all identify with, a period of what seems to be idle chitchat about you, your family, your pets and your holidays. But don’t be fooled this is an information gathering process and an opportunity to make sure that you drop your guard and ultimately befriend the rep!

So once they detect that you have begun to drop your guard they will go about finding your weakness. Your weaknesses are their opportunity to sell to you, they are very varied and could be seen as being your family, grandchildren, places that you’d like to go to or even debt you might have? So be careful and be guarded, what you tell them could well be turned around to their advantage.

Once they think that they have found your weakness or indeed what they call your ‘Hot Buttons’ they will go about trying to work out who is the decision maker? With the decision maker identified they will go to work on ensuring that that person is on board with their ideas and suggestions.

2. Breaking the Pact

Each sales meeting begins with the assumption that the potential customers have agreed not to rush into a purchase or indeed not to buy at all. This they call a pact! The salesman is trained that he must ‘break the pact’ before proceeding with his sales pitch. So they will openly ask you if you have agreed ‘Not to buy today’? As you will naturally say yes they will then ask you to be honest and simply give them a ‘Yes or No’ to their proposal. This is their way of trying to ensure that you don’t say that you want to think about their proposal. Stick to your guns, a good deal today should be a good deal tomorrow, whatever they might say!

3. The 3rd Party Story

When a salesman wants to tell you something or indeed reinforce a point they will often tell you a story about someone else that relates to what they are talking about. By doing this they can relate to an imaginary couple that you will never meet that have hugely benefited from doing business with this particular timeshare rep. For example they might say ‘I sold to this lovely couple last year who lived very near to you and when they came back here a couple of weeks ago they showed me their photos of the exchange they did to The Bahamas!’ The 3rd party story is best delivered if the salesman makes out that the imaginary couple look and sound just like you!

4. Leaving You Alone

Although this tactic is dying out it can still be found in existence and it is very effective. Basically, the seasoned timeshare rep just will not leave you alone in fear that you will create another pact. The feeling is that if you are left to your own devices you will agree to terminate the sales pitch, says no or decide that you wish to sleep on their eventual proposal. Simply ask them and insist on some quality time alone during the tour and only proceed if you are totally comfortable.

5. Price Conditioning

To ensure that you are more comfortable with the final price before the salesman delivers it to you he will go through the process of telling you quite often how much people have paid for similar timeshares in the past. This is called price conditioning and often includes made up stories and inflated prices. The hope is that when you hear their ‘Price Today’ you are relieved that you are not paying as much as the other people he has told you about.

If these tricks sound all too familiar, help is at hand. With the correct advice and direction, consumers who have been mis-sold or misled can now get out of their complicated timeshare contracts. A call to The Timeshare Advice Service will put your mind at rest and could prove to be the first steps towards relieving yourself of a large amount of worry, concern and financial burden.

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