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At the Timeshare Advice Service we make it our business to ensure you are provided with the best options for your individual needs and circumstances. Our team has years of experience and can offer guidance and help for every aspect of holiday ownership issues.

The first thing we offer is a friendly ear and often and unfortunately so, a shoulder to cry on. We also understand how personal these circumstances are to each of our callers and how so often timeshare problems not only affect holiday patterns but also family finances and individual trauma!

In an ever-changing world of products and presentations we often find that the consumer is left confused by their ownerships and contracts:
Fixed weeks, Floating weeks, Interval International, RCI, Red weeks, White weeks, Blue weeks, Gold Crown, Dial an Exchange, Resort of International Distinction, Points, Pure points, Holiday Property bonds, Ceded points, Fractional ownership, Lease hold, Right to occupy, In perpetuity, Escatura

And the list goes on…………………….

Whether you are trying to:
• Rent
• Re-sell
• Relinquish
• Reclaim

We pride ourselves in giving you relevant and up to date information in a way that makes sense. We offer clarity, simple advice and solutions.

Each type of ownership often has to be dealt with in a particular way. For example, to re-sell or relinquish some timeshares you may have to visit a notary in the country of origin. Some contracts may need specialist attention or even translation services. In reality, many of these situations can be dealt with cost effectively by experts that do this for a living. You don’t necessarily need to get bogged down with it all.

We are here to understand you and the problems that you have encountered with a timeshare ownership. With our experience and expertise we are then able to advice you on your next course of action. Often this is as simple as you going back to your resort or club as long as they offer you a clear ‘no strings attached’ exit route out of timeshare. Maybe you need some advice on how best to use your timeshare or you may need direction on seeking a timeshare contract termination.

If you feel that you have grounds for compensation as you think that you have been miss-sold then we can also offer advice firstly on a timeshare termination and secondly on seeking a claim on any illegal contracts that you feel you may have been burdened with.

So your first port of call is to the Timeshare Advice Service. No matter how intricate the problem is we will have dealt with it before. So don’t get bounced from pillar to post, don’t bury your head in the sand and don’t try to deal with things on your own. We are here to help you.

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