Timeshare Advice

Many timeshare owners have been left seeking advice on their timeshare. There is often conflicting advice given by timeshare exit companies, as well as resorts who will give misinformation to their customers in order to keep them tied into their contract.

Here we have put together impartial advice on some of the most important issues surrounding timeshare.



Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership is a tactic used to create new timeshare owners.

  • It is often presented as an investment
  • Can cost up to 10 times more than timeshare
  • Frequently used as a cover for investment fraud

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Mis-Selling Timeshare

Unfortunately, many timeshare owners have been mis-sold their timeshare

  • Inflated claims surrounding true value
  • Falsely presented as a saleable investment
  • Not being informed of a 14 day cooling-off period

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Contracts In Perpetuity

In Perpetuity contracts mean that you are tied into your timeshare for life

  • Sold as protecting the investment
  • Your investment is passed on to your children
  • The clause stops owners terminating a contract

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