Diamond Resort In Hot Water

We at the Timeshare Advice Service are now being inundated with calls and messages to our Help Desk relating problems with Diamond Resorts International (DRI). Complaints and concerns are not new especially with such a large company as DRI but what is of concern is the increased regularity of claims of mis-selling and rapidly increasing maintenance costs.

The pattern with regards to DRI clients in the UK seems to be that they have been increasingly subject to timeshares or fractional ownerships being sold as, or at the very least, presented as an investment.

It seems that this sales pitch has been reserved primarily but not exclusively for their existing owners. We have been increasingly informed that over the past few years DRI members have been offered fractional investments as a means to exit timeshare and make to a profit. It seems that fractional ownership was also pitched to existing points members as a way of reducing maintenance costs, as they were told that they could rent out excess fractional weeks.

As very few DRI members seem to have received a profitable return they are now increasingly seeking redress on the basis that they were mis-sold or misrepresented.

The question that remains is ‘Were Diamond Resort aware and involved in the rogue investment pitches that were consistently delivered to their clients?’ In an effort to uncover the answer we reported this in an article that we published in February 2017 and in January 2017 in this article

Over in the US similar stories appear to be emerging. As recently as December 2016 the State of Arizona settled a court case for alleged ‘Consumer Fraud’ with Diamond Resorts who agreed to pay $800,000 (Find Out More)

The Attorney General reported, “The State has received hundreds of consumer complaints against Diamond Resorts. Consumers complained that Diamond used deceptive sales practices and made numerous oral misrepresentations and false statements during timeshare sales presentations. Some of the alleged misrepresentations are related to:

• Annual increases in maintenance fees;
• Membership resale and buy-back programs;
• Timeshare membership resale market;
• Ability to rent timeshare vacations; and
• Discounts on other travel needs.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office alleged that Diamond employees’ actions and statements violated the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act.”

Again over in the US Diamond Resort timeshare and points owners have complained about huge maintenance fee hikes. In one well-documented incident their members were handed a levy on top of their maintenance bills for $5,800 for each week owned. (Find Out More)

So there we have it, a recent avalanche of complaints both in Europe and the US with regards to Diamond Resort owners being offered some very questionable ‘investment opportunities’, so much so that they are beginning to settle out of court. On top of that, running costs in the form of maintenance fees and levies are shooting through the roof!

Have you been exposed to or do you feel that you have been a victim of a Diamond Resort Investment Scheme? Have you experience huge increases in timeshare running costs? Do you feel that timeshare has become far too expensive to be practical, affordable or enjoyable?

If so please do not hesitate to contact us at the Timeshare Advice Service. We are happy to listen to your concerns and point you in the right direction to resolve your issues.

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