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Get Out of Timeshare

Getting rid of timeshare has become something of a holy grail in recent years. With timeshare companies tying so many people into in perpetuity contracts, combined with the ever-rising maintenance fees charged, many people have been left unable to afford their timeshare and desperate to get out. Here at the Timeshare Advice Service, we specialise in doing just that.

Difficulties of Leaving

Timeshare companies will do everything in their power to keep you tied into your contract. Your maintenance fees are paying their wages, so it is in their best interests to keep you in your contract. Unscrupulous salesmen will often pressure you into paying inflated prices. These salesmen will often lie to you during the sales pitch; please note, this is illegal and could render your contract void.

Please remember, as more and more timeshare owners leave the ‘timeshare circle’ there are less and less people left to pick up the resort maintenance costs. Timeshare clients therefore become extremely valuable to the resorts and clubs especially as it is a more difficult environment to sell to new potential owners.

There are also many scams surrounding timeshare termination. Scammers will cold call timeshare owners, claiming to be from a resale company. They will claim to have a buyer for your timeshare, but tell you that you must pay an upfront fee. They have been known to then disappear with your money and your timeshare is never sold. The best way to avoid this is to simply hang up if you are cold-called regarding your timeshare.

Another popular timeshare scam is aimed at timeshare owners exploring how to get rid of their ownership. Once lured into a presentation they are offered a new alternative product, often leisure credits, as a means to exiting timeshare. These leisure credits often come with a resale or rental promise. Needless to say, they very, very rarely come to fruition!

The Best Way Out

The best route for getting out of a timeshare contract is through a UK based company, with legal indemnity. The laws surrounding timeshare are very complex, and timeshare companies use this to their advantage. Many times a timeshare owner may have a claim, but by trying to pursue it themselves, they allow their resort to draw them in a long and complex legal process. Mistakes made it this point can hamper their chances of pursuing their claim in the future.
Here at the Timeshare Advice Service, our team of industry experts has many years experience in advising on the best way to terminate a timeshare contract.

We at the Timeshare Advice Service, are often told by timeshare resorts that all their paperwork is correct and in order. Indeed this may very well be the case, however, we are experiencing that so many timeshare outfits are miss-selling, misleading and misrepresenting their clients at the point of sale. Trying to hide behind ‘water-tight’ contracts is no excuse for leading clients astray. We are gathering more and more information on these rogue companies in an effort to assist those unfortunate enough to have encountered them.

If you feel that any of the above applies to you or your timeshare, please do not hesitate to contact us today for impartial advice on your options.

Moving Forward

We ask all of our enquiring clients to carefully consider the three following questions before exploring how they may seek a way out of an unwanted timeshare:

1. Do you feel that you can no longer use, enjoy, exchange or rent your holiday ownership product?

2. Have you tried to or do you feel that you have to the best of your ability endeavored to exit your ownership with your resort, club or developer?

3. Are you satisfied that trying to sell your holiday ownership may prove to be futile, expensive and/or impossible?

If the answer is yes to the above questions then we suggest that you seek professional advice. Basically, if you are struggling to use it, rent it, sell it, get rid of it or you feel that you have been mis-sold or misled, we can help!



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