Help I’ve fallen for a timeshare presentation

Over the next few days we are highlighting some of the enquiries that we receive here at the Timeshare Advice Service from concerned consumers that feel that they have experienced a timeshare rip off! This is a fairly typical complaint and one that many of our clients can associate with. Non-timeshare owners will wonder how someone that didn’t want to own timeshare ended up going on a presentation and ended up owning 4 weeks! You now see why very well paid sales teams are employed on these resorts.

Here’s what Judith had to say;

“I have recently just returned from a holiday in Dubai and I feel as if I’ve done something I never ever thought I would do, I’ve managed to fall for a timeshare presentation.

We arrived in Dubai to start our holiday I felt safe being in such a new modern airport, there we were approached by a smartly dressed man offering us free travel tickets if we attended a ‘short’ presentation. We arrived at the presentation with an open mind however we did tell ourselves that we weren’t going to sign anything. We had our young daughter with us so it wasn’t easy trying to keep her content whilst we wasted our holiday listening to this man’s proposal. We felt that we were offered something that was too good to be true and it certainly was that. We were told that if we purchased 4 weeks’ worth of timeshare at these apartments we could rent out three weeks make a profit and then use the final week for free. So after hours and hours of telling me why “this was totally for me” “we would be silly to walk out of here without taking the opportunity to make money“ “we had to finish the presentation to get our vouchers” “ Dubai is an up and coming tourist market so if we did this just now we would be beating everyone else to the gravy train” “ property in Dubai is so cheap just now due to expansion however this won’t be the case in a couple years’ time when the city center runs out of space”.

You can understand why I fell for these lies at the time in this flashy office in Dubai a place I had always wanted to visit so it seemed amazing to get free accommodation there 1 week a year whilst making money. My patience was tested to breaking point in the presentation that’s why I decided to sign it seemed like sort of sense at the time but oh how I was wrong. I’ve never done anything so silly before and I don’t know where to turn too do I need assistance from timeshare lawyers to cancel a timeshare purchase? Do I have any avenues to exit timeshare? Or is this me for good?? I’m so confused.”

Judith from Linlithgow and her family seem to have been subjected to undue pressure at the presentation. She and her husband also appear to have been delivered a timeshare sales pitch centered around making a profit from renting their new timeshares. This in turn, she says, would ensure that she could enjoy a ‘free’ week each year.

Unfortunately for Judith she bought in Dubai and not within Europe or the US. However we have heard very similar stories of timeshare scams like this in Tenerife. We find messages on our in-boxes saying, “Do you know how to get rid of a timeshare property?” Then when we explore the case they in fact own 5 or 6 timeshares. The issue here is that when we find so many consumers with the very same stories we have to ask ourselves ‘Is this some sort of timeshare fraud?’ ‘Have these consumers got a case for compensation?’ ‘Can these clients exit timeshare and get their money back?’

This is when we at the Timeshare Advice Service are able to seek the help of the legal professionals that are experienced in these matters. If you feel that you have a similar story to Judith, then please do not hesitate to fill in the contact box below.

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