Holiday Club Scams

What are Holiday Clubs?

Holiday Clubs are clubs which offer a discount on holiday products. These holiday clubs mainly emerged after legislation was brought into place restricting the practices used in Timeshare. This essentially allowed Timeshare companies to work around this legislation by claiming that their company was selling holiday products rather than timeshare.

The way in which holiday clubs work is by signing you up to their club with the promise of being able to offer you holidays at cheaper prices than high street travel agents. The holiday club will charge you a signing up fee as well as a yearly membership fee. These fees usually mean that whatever savings you have will at best be very small.

Tricks of the Trade

Generally, you will be coerced into attending a “tour” (read: sales pitch) with the promise of some prize or a free holiday. The prize will typically not be worth the time you spend attending this tour and more often than not the “free” holiday will require you to pay for everything but the accommodation! At the tour, you will often be subjected to high-intensity and unscrupulous sales tactics by the salesmen who will try to get you to buy membership to their holiday club.

Holiday clubs are typically very poor value for money. Furthermore, any dates and locations promised to you by the club are under no guarantee as the holiday club does not own any properties. It will also be very difficult to sell on your holiday club membership should you change your mind further down the road.

What Can You Do?

Nowadays, holiday clubs are typically governed by the same regulations as timeshare companies. For example, when you are being sold your membership to the holiday club, there must be a 14 day cooling off period in which the holiday club cannot take any money from you. In addition, you may cancel the contract at any point during the 14 day cooling off period without incurring any penalty.

If you have been subjected to any of the unscrupulous methods listed above, you may have a case for the cancellation of your holiday club membership. However, many people attempt to take on holiday clubs and timeshare companies alone and this typically only results in more problems. The laws and regulations surrounding holiday clubs and timeshare are very complex and constantly being updated. As such, most who attempt to take on these companies alone end up entangled in legislation, with the companies in question running rings around them in court.

Despite this, there are solutions. Many companies specialise in timeshare and holiday club scams and these experts are the people you need to look for.

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