Macdonald Resorts

MacDonald Resorts have been the centre of controversy after they forcibly switched many of their owners to a points system – meaning that these owners lost their specific apartments and weeks. Owners were also given the option of exiting their timeshare contracts for the price of 4 years’ fees.

This has left owners high and dry, with no way of being able to sell on or swap their weeks and ultimately no longer owning any guaranteed weeks in the resort. A points based system is simply a closed loop internal currency with no regulation. Points club members trade their points for weeks in different resorts, however much of the time these systems do not work. Problems range from not being able to get weeks in the resort you want due to high demand to the points clubs being dissolved and owners being left with nothing. The other issue is that the resorts can dictate the value of the points, meaning that they can very easily overcharge.

If you are a MacDonald’s Resorts owner and you want to terminate your timeshare contract, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Timeshare Advice Service. Our team of industry experts has decades of experience in getting people out of timeshare. We can offer you impartial expert advice on your options.

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