Terminating a Timeshare Contract

What grounds are there for terminating a timeshare contract?

Many Timeshare owners find themselves wanting to get out of Timeshare, with increasing maintenance fees putting too much financial and emotional strain on them.

However, Timeshare companies try to make it as difficult as possible for people to terminate their contract. Maintenance fees are increasingly relied upon by Timeshare companies for their income, and as such they will stop at nothing to prevent owners from terminating their Timeshare contracts.

Timeshare contracts are often written with the express intent of keeping people locked into them, and often come with an “in perpetuity” clause, meaning the contract never runs out.

What ways can I get rid of Timeshare?

Many Timeshare owners will attempt to resell or rent out their property at cost to themselves simply to be getting rid of timeshare maintenance fees. However, many Timeshare companies will try to block owners from pursuing these solutions as it complicates matters for them.

Timeshare companies are able to keep people locked into these contracts due to their expertise in the field. Owners often try to take on these companies alone and are met with unscrupulous tactics such as intimidation, coupled with a vast knowledge of the laws surrounding the field.

This leaves these owners trapped in a bad deal, seemingly with no way out. This can put huge financial and emotional strain on people. It is best to seek specialist help ending timeshare agreements.

Can I get out?

There are ways around the methods Timeshare companies use to keep you locked into your contract, however. If you have been lied to, intimidated, or otherwise misled at any point during the process, you may have strong grounds to terminate your contract.

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