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If you own a timeshare or a holiday club membership and you feel you no longer wish to carry on as a member, you have probably looked into getting out of timeshare and you might be confused with all the advice you receive.

The timeshare resort you own at has probably recommended upgrading your product, your neighbour might have suggested to just stop paying the maintenance fees and all the timeshare relinquishment companies who are supposed to help you only want more money? It’s important to know that usually these are holiday club scams.

Do you recognise any of these problems?

People who need timeshare help often fall under a few different categories and we have summarised the most common reasons why people want to leave timeshare:

  • You inherited a timeshare, but you are not interested in using it.
  • You have been misled by timeshare salesmen and every time you go on holiday, they are asking you to spend more money.
  • You feel your contract is unfair and benefits the company more it does you.
  • Your timeshare contract is losing you money, as you were promised during your last upgrade that it would be much easier to sell.
  • Your maintenance fees are going up every year and you still need to pay for flights, so you don’t feel you are getting value for money.
  • You struggle with availability and never get the holiday you want.
  • The online deals are so much more attractive, but if you book them, you are paying management fees for something you aren’t using.
  • Your resort has been sold to a new management company and you are not happy with the standard anymore.
  • The company you own with has gone bust and you have lost your investment.
  • You have outgrown your timeshare and feel it doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore.
  • You are widowed or retired and cannot afford it any longer.
  • Your children have moved abroad, you have friends all over the world and feel you no longer have the time to use your timeshare.

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