Timeshare Problems

What are some common Timeshare Problems?

Problems pervade the world of timeshare, and many would say that owning a timeshare is itself a problem!
The first problem that most timeshare owners will encounter is discovering that their timeshare does not have the value for money that they were told it did. Many timeshare owners will end up paying more in maintenance fees for their timeshare property than they would to rent the same property for the same amount of time. This is due to timeshare salesmen frequently lying or misrepresenting the truth in order to make a sale.

After this, timeshare owners will typically try to get rid of their timeshare. They will then find that they cannot get out of their contract. In addition to this, they will find that their contract has an in perpetuity clause, meaning that the contract lasts forever and will be handed down to their next of kin after they die.

The next thing a timeshare owner will usually try to do is sell their contract. This is usually very difficult for an individual to do due to the huge amount of bad publicity surrounding timeshare.

Many will try to give away their contract, even offering to pay the transfer fee out of their own pocket! This turns most people off straight away as it is a dead giveaway that the contract is undesirable.

Finally, some will decide to attempt legal action against the timeshare company which sold them their contract. This is almost always a bad move, with many falling victim to scammers, or simply not hiring the right people.

What can you do?

There is hope however, as new legislation has been passed rendering many of the practices used by timeshare companies in the past illegal. This gives timeshare owners some legal ground to stand on, however the laws and regulations surrounding timeshare are still incredibly complex, and timeshare owners must be careful that they only hire those with the relevant skills and experience to solve their timeshare problems once and for all.

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