Timeshare Rental Scams

The Timeshare Rental Scam has been in operation for many years now and has affected many timeshare owners. We have heard from many clients who have enjoyed great holidays over the years only for their experiences to be spoilt by timeshare frauds sales practices.

Timeshare developers, often based in the Canary Islands, offered rental packages to clients who visited their sales centre. The trouble has been that the timeshare companies have not been interested in renting out timeshare accommodation, they simply wanted to sell more timeshare stock.

We have put together a sequence of events that have been described to us by unsuspecting timeshare owners. It starts with holidaymakers who are enjoying a holiday in a resort being invited down to a sales office. They are often told that they are going to be given updated resort information or a free promotional voucher.

When the sales rep decides that it is time for them to deliver their sales pitch they ensure that the clients see a value in holidaying at their particular resort. Then, the rep introduces the idea that the client could benefit from the popularity of the resort. Often described as a loyalty program, the clients are invited to buy a number of timeshare weeks that can be rented out for profit. It is promised that the income will return a profit over and above the maintenance on the weeks in question.

To assist the clients in saying yes to the deal, the resort then ‘finds’ weeks that have already been rented out with rental money already in the pot! And then, it is often suggested that the weeks could be sold at any time in the future for a profit! It just all sounds too good to be true. Guess what? It is!

The following year, there are no rentals and when the clients enquire about selling these ‘must have weeks’, no one wants to buy them.

The story is now becoming a familiar one, clients end up with far more timeshare than they want, need or indeed can afford.

What can the client do? Again there are only two simple solutions, sell the timeshares and incur a huge loss or seek professional advice.

Have you been a victim of a timeshare scam?

Have you been mis-sold timeshare weeks?

Have you been sold timeshare as an investment?

Have you been let with unwanted timeshare fees for weeks that you never intended upon owning?

We at the Timeshare Advice Service are here to help and we have the experience and know how to resolve these situations.

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