Pestered on a Timeshare Holiday

Pestered on a Timeshare Holiday

Having purchased a fairly pricey timeshare at a resort that caught your eye, it is an enduring shame that you have to continually run the gauntlet of avoiding the timeshare salesman. Recently we received correspondence from a timeshare consumer that felt that the continuous pestering had ruined his well-earned break.

Whether it be the feared knock at the apartment door, the incessant invites to cheese and wine parties or the constant stream of potentially new clients, the sales process seems to be more important that the guest’s leisure time.

This is what William P had to tell us of his recent experiences in Gran Canaria.

“I need some timeshare help. When visiting the Canary Islands after my retirement, I thought it would be a great idea to utilize my time buying a timeshare at the Amadores Beach Club after all I have worked my socks off out in the cold most of my adult life and I wouldn’t mind a holiday every year relatively stress free and knowing it was coming every year. This is not stress free totally the opposite once I’m there it feels as if I’m in a showroom.

I am very understanding that the reps need to keep selling timeshares so the resort full to keep paying the staff’s wages but honestly, I can’t relax knowing there will be another group of un suspecting tourist viewing me like some sort of baboon in a safari park, I’m not the smallest of guys so it does get quite uncomfortable for me and I tend to keep covering myself up when the scratch card brigade come around, its went too far.

As soon as I arrive on the resort the rep is at my door for a “catch up meeting” which they just want to sell me another product, I would be silly to suggest they genuinely cared how I am. I respect their politeness and accommodating nature but its surely a plan to get more money out of me and I’m surprised I have managed to say “no I’m fine with what I already have” during the last few meetings and I can feel myself getting anxious writing about it, I’m usually a chilled-out person. My timeshare maintenance fees are reasonable and I don’t really have any problems paying. Sometimes I wish I had the choice to cancel my timeshare purchase at the time that I bought it but I know it can be hard get rid of my timeshare and it seems to be an avenue I’m frightened to go down due to the amount of timeshare scams I keep hearing about. I just wish that I would have a little more privacy on my break but will I just have to accept this is the norm on a timeshare holiday?”

Have you suffered the same or similar, please feel free to share your not so savoury holiday moments.