My Timeshare doesn’t work for me

My Timeshare doesn’t work for me

Today we are looking at another complaint that we often get from our clients at the Timeshare Advice Service. This complaint centers around the concerns that so often timeshare users are sold another product by the timeshare company that they own with when in fact all they are doing is looking for an exit from timeshare.

This particular client now has a product that he cannot use, he has a much higher maintenance bill than he used to have and it has cost him another £10,000 for the privilege.

This is what Geoff had to say to us:

“I bought a timeshare in the Costa del Sol a good few years ago, ten or eleven; I went to the local office to see if I could relinquish my timeshare and they sent me to the sales office. In the end, I upgraded my membership, this upgrade was meant to give me flexibility because I knew myself my days of travelling abroad were numbered and I had no idea how to cancel my timeshare purchase all I wanted was to get rid of timeshare.

I was promised that my weeks could be “traded in” for points that I could use at hundreds of different destinations in the UK some only miles away from my house I thought this was perfect because I’m getting older.

They showed me how I could book up the accommodation and let me know if I couldn’t get access to a P.C I could easily just phone them up and they would be happy to book it up for me. I was looking forward to using my points because I do enjoy going for a short break at home so if I could have saved money whilst doing it would have been perfect. I honestly didn’t think these would be empty promises but every time I go to book something on the RCI website I can never seem to get anything booked, there isn’t even any accommodation I can use in Britain never mind close to my house. I’m stuck, I have tried phoning and emailing them however I feel as if they aren’t listening to me. We can’t travel abroad anymore due to my decreasing health and I keep paying the fees every year because I really don’t want any timeshare debt or debt letters. I tried to speak to another company that specialised in timeshare relinquishment before contacting yourselves however they wanted me to buy into their Holiday Leisure Credit to get rid of something I didn’t want??? I didn’t see any sense in this what so ever. I thought I could have worked this out and keep enjoying something I have had for years but I have now accepted this won’t be the case I need help please!”

In the first instance, we would advise Geoff to go back to his resort and explain the sequence of events. The most important thing to remember at this point is that you should never discuss these matters with the sales team. The sales teams are there to sell and as a result they are only on commission and they are very good at selling.

If Geoff gets no joy with the resort, we feel that Geoff has a very good case to explore timeshare relinquishment based on mis selling and misrepresentation. If that can be proven then Geoff has a strong case for timeshare compensation. It seems such a shame that in the first instance when Geoff approached his timeshare company to find a way of relinquishing timeshare he was sent to the sales team to sell him more of the same.

If you feel that you are in the same boat as Geoff and need some advice, please do not hesitate to use the contact form below and get in touch with us at the Timeshare Advice Service.