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Timeshare Release is it Really Possible?

Timeshare companies who just don’t want to see you go

Timeshare Release has become something of a holy grail in recent years. With the increasingly dishonest practices being used by Timeshare companies coupled with a much tougher financial climate, many Timeshare owners are looking to end their timeshare contracts once and for all. However, Timeshare companies have long been aware of this and have remained determined to stop their owners from leaving.

Timeshare companies have used practices such as “in perpetuity” clauses, meaning that a contract will not end even after the owner dies, as well as resorting to intimidation and lying to convince potential buyers to part with their cash. Even after legislation was introduced to prevent dishonest sales tactics, many of these salesmen continue to lie and bend the rules, relying on the fact that most people are not familiar with the laws surrounding Timeshare.

Timeshare Release – dubious companies keep popping up

This high demand for a service to be provided to help owners get out of their Timeshare contracts resulted in many con artists claiming to be able to do just that. In fact it can be said that bogus timeshare relinquishment schemes out number legitimate businesses many times over. Many owners who had been duped out of money already by Timeshare companies then found themselves scammed again by these sharks. Timeshare scammers will often operate by cold-calling and asking for cash up front after promising to be able to terminate the owner’s contract. You should never give out any financial information to these cold callers or promise to pay them in any way.

As a result of all these factors, the reality for many timeshare owners is that they feel they can never get out of their contract. Whilst it is true that it is extremely difficult to get out of a Timeshare contract, it is possible with help from the correct sources.

A direct confrontation with the big boys is never recommended

Many Timeshare owners make the mistake of attempting to take on big timeshare companies alone or with a solicitor who has little experience in Timeshare. This often results in more problems as the laws surrounding Timeshare are notoriously complex and nuanced. Timeshare companies will use this to their advantage and use laws designed to protect the consumer for the opposite effect. Ending a timshare contract is not an easy undertaking.

If you find yourself in this position, it is important that you realise the difficulty of your situation. You must find a reliable representative who has Timeshare experience. Under no circumstances should you attempt to tackle the problem on your own or take matters into your own hands.