man wearing a suit sitting in a table showing a contract and where the signer must sign

Timeshare Sales Pitch V Timeshare Contract

Most people shudder these days when they hear the term ‘the timeshare sales pitch’. In fact, many people think that timeshare sales are a dying art or possibly a dying black art! Sadly often the general public simply think about it as timeshare selling scams or just timeshare scams! So we thought that we would take a look at what people are claiming to have been told at a timeshare presentation and how so often these claims are subsequently denied by timeshare sales companies and are simply not represented in the timeshare contract.

The first and most popular claim is that all timeshare owners will be able to enjoy 5 Star quality resorts whenever they go on holiday! True? Well you will find no reference to that in the voluminous documents that you are expected to sign on the day. Sunset Bay Tenerife, 5 star? Your thoughts please?

How about this one, “You can always sell, rent or simply watch your timeshare grow in value!” Well yes technically you can sell them but don’t ask your resort to do it for you, most of them are busy selling their current stock. Although this must be one of the most favourite timeshare claims, we have yet to see a contract with any reference to an increase in value. So when the time comes with mounting costs you may ask yourself “How do I stop paying timeshare maintenance fees?” You may need to explore alternative timeshare exit routes.

Thirdly, many potential timeshare owners are sold on the claim that they will be entering into a very exclusive club! So exclusive that it requires an initial purchase of many thousands of pounds. A couple of holidays in and most timeshare owners discover that mainstream online travel agents can access many of these exclusive clubs. By now you will have detected the theme, timeshare contracts make no reference to exclusive clubs.

The final timeshare claim that we will take a look at is “You can exchange your timeshare anywhere in the world”. Again technically you can exchange into a resort with exchange availability where there is an affiliated resort. Anywhere in the world, don’t think so. To be fair to RCI they in fact recommend that you do not purchase a timeshare for exchange purposes only! See 1.4 Here.

These are just a few of the wild claims that unfortunately go a very long way to ensuring the sale of a timeshare. What we tend to hear about are very protracted sales presentations where on occasions breakfast, lunch and or alcohol are involved. Then potential owners are given just a handful of minutes to make up their mind. High-pressure timeshare sales? A lack of true facts? Time to reflect? What are your thoughts?

If you or someone you know has been a victim of timeshare mis selling, if you feel that you are in timeshare debt because you were misled then please do not hesitate to seek timeshare advice from a professional. We here at the Timeshare Advice Service can point you in the right direction to get you out of any mess you might have found yourself in.